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Yes! Get in touch with us and you can either send us your own design or supply a brief ask us to create a design for you.

Absolutely. If you choose to use our designer, we’ll take your brief and create your design. We’ll supply visuals prior to print, to make sure you’re happy.

After purchase, we’ll send you an email inviting you to create a profile. Once that’s set up, you can add your contact details, social media profiles, and much more.

It’s easy — log into your online profile and you’ll be able to make all the changes you like.

It’s virtually endless, so this part’s up to you! What would you most like to share in the world?

But for starters, phone numbers, email addresses, websites and product sites are some of the most common uses.

Yes. You can switch between these anytime using your profile.

Very. The cards are only active when they’re within an inch of a compatible device, and they can only send, not receive, information — of the sort you’d normally find on a business card.

All Android phones and newer iPhones are compatible with the tap feature. For older iPhones, we recommend scanning the QR code instead.

There’s a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip in each card that lets you share your information without contact. And as a backup for clients with older phones, there’s a QR code on the back.

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